Afrobeat musician’s longest-note attempt falls flat

Image caption London-born Femi Kuti has played the saxophone since he was 15 and performed around the world The Afrobeat musician Femi Kuti was celebrating this weekend after thinking he had broken a world record for the longest single note played on a wind instrument.

At a concert in Lagos, the Nigerian star held a single note on his saxophone for 46 minutes and 38 seconds, the Pulse NG website reports.

He managed this through circular breathing, a technique whereby you breathe in continuously through your nose while sustaining the tone of a note.

Mr Kuti celebrated the feat soon after, thinking he had broken the 45-minute record set by Kenny G in 1997.

Unfortunately, however, it turns out the record is actually held by another musician, Vann Burchfield, who held a note for 47 minutes and 5.5 seconds in 2000.

The news has only given the star a new target to aim for. On finding out, he tweeted: “If this is so, then like I’ve said we will work to achieve the 50min mark. No wahala

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