The new age of airline rage: Why everyone on board is on edge

Delta ‘sorry’ for booting family off plane A doctor dragged down the aisle of a plane. A brawl in the cabin. A fight in the jetway. A sobbing mother. An irate flight attendant. A dead rabbit. Onlookers are convinced they’ve witnessed an injustice.

We’ve been consumed lately with one flying incident after another, watching them amplified by social and mainstream media.

But are they really happening with greater frequency?

Actually, the little data there is suggests behavior on planes is improving.

The number of unruly passengers has been on a steady decline since they peaked in 2004. According to the Federal Aviation Administration there were only 92 passengers cited last year for interfering with the duties of a crew member, down from 310 reported 13 years ago.

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The Department of Transportation tracks the customer complaints it receives. And those are also down

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