Venice bans cheap takeout joints to keep city beautiful

Your kiwi fruit’s long journey Venetians are fed up with the subpar food being sold to tourists on their streets. So they’re taking action: The city council has approved a rule that prohibits the opening of new takeout joints that sell meals such as kebabs or pizza by the slice.

The move makes Venice the latest European city to fight back against the negative effects of increased tourism.

“We are waging a fight against fast food… to maintain and showcase our unique food,” said Venice’s chief of tourism, Paola del Mar.

The encroachment of cheap takeout joints in the city center is a major worry for local officials, who say the trend detracts from Venice’s beauty and cultural heritage.

“The proliferation of sales and consumption of so-called ‘takeaway food’ has led to a decrease in the quality of the product and created a negative perception not only among residents, but also visitors,” the city council said in a statement.

Italy is the fifth most popular country for tourism in the world, with visitor numbers swelling by 4% last year to nearly 53 million. Venice, famous for its canals, is among the country’s most visited destinations.

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