How Social Video Helped Kat Von D Build a Beauty Empire

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Lots of celebrities either own or lend their names to various product lines, but there are only a few who have had the kind of monumental success that Kat Von D has experienced. Von D began as a tattoo artist turned reality TV star, but after partnering with Sephora in 2008 to launch Kat Von D Beauty, she became a genuine mogul, known for her quality products that as of June 2016 are 100% vegan. Much of Von D’s success can be attributed to her online presence, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

Kat Von D’s individual following is strong, with 12.8 Million Facebook followers and 5.8 Million Instagram followers. However, Von D also has 3.3 Million Instagram followers and almost 447,000 Facebook followers for Kat Von D Beauty alone. Yes, Von D who is known for her artistry, style, and beauty, has her own substantial following and has been able to shift a lot of the attention she already receives onto her cosmetics line. But again, many celebrities have tried and failed to grow a legitimate business via digital marketing and Von D has thrived. Not only that, she was doing this years before the likes of Kylie Jenner, etc. Von D really set the standard when it comes to building celebrity beauty brands online. Let’s take a look at Kat Von D Beauty specifically on Instagram and Facebook and see what works for Von D and how that can potentially work for you when marketing your products online.

Kat Von D & Instagram Video

Kat Von D has really worked Instagram to draw in followers to her Kat Von D Beauty handle. With each video averaging about 134,000 views let’s take a look at the Instagram video that received the most views in the last 90 days and try and figure out why it was so popular.

This has to be the sexiest swatch ever!

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