The Top Facebook Video Publishers: March 2017 Most-Popular

Bree BrouwerApril 19, 2017 HomeSocial Video

It’s time to take a look at which ten brands earned positions on March’s most-watched Facebook publishers leaderboard. For the last month of quarter one, the top ten publishers pulled in almost 20 billion total video views, an increase of more than 2 billion views over February. Additionally, every single brand on March’s top ten leaderboard pulled in more than 1 billion views each. Here’s which brands ranked in these leading positions thanks to the viewing habits of audiences who just couldn’t get enough of their content.

Top Facebook Publishers March 2017

The top four Facebook publishers from March 2017 are, coincidentally, the same four brands who dominated the top spots on the cross-platform leaderboard for this month: Viral Thread, NTD Television, The LADbible, and UNILAD.

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